Code Item Price Rs
FJ01 Papaya Juices 180
FJ02 Orange juice 200
FJ03 Lime Juice 160
FJ04 Avocado Juice 200
FJ05 Wood apple juice 200
FJ06 Mango Juice 250
FJ07 Watermelon juice 180
FJ08 Mixed fruit juice 250
FJ09 Lime & soda 220
FJ10 Apple 220


Code Item Price Rs
MS01 Faluda 250
MS02 Vanilla 250
MS03 Chocolate 250
MS04 Strawberry 250
MS05 Papaya 300
MS06 Mango 300
MS07 Coco Shake 300


Code Item Price Rs
IM01 Carrot sours
Carrot, Ginger, Pineapple, (nutrients- vitamin C&A, Calcium)
IM02 Morning after
Cucumber, Orange, Papaya, Ginger, (nutrients-vitamin C&A)
IM03 Ginger Zinger
Carrot, Papaya, Lime, Ginger (nutrients-vitamin C&A, Calcium)


Code Item Price Rs
LS01 Vanila 300
LS02 Strawberry 350
LS03 Mango 320
LS04 Wood apple 320
LS05 Papaya 320


Code Item Price Rs
CD01 Orange 80
CD02 Nelli 70
CD03 Strawberry and guava 80


Code Item Price Rs
MT01 Curdy lime
Lime, curd, ginger
MT02 White crumble
Apple, blackcurrent, (Nutrients - Vitamin B3 & C, Calcium, Potassium, Posperos, Magnesium)
MT03 King Delight
Pineapple, Orange, Mango, Greandine, (Nutrients - Vitamin B3&C, Calcium)
MT04 Pinemint
Mint, Pineapple, Lime
MT05 Lime ginger
Ginger, Lime
MT06 Snow fall
Blackcurrent, Lemanade
MT07 Melon melody
Melon, Orange, Lime
MT08 Long Distant Runner
Passion fruit, Lime, Pine apple
MT09 Blue Lagoon
Sprite, Lime, Mint, Ginger
MT10 Virgin mojito
Mint, Lemon wedges, Club soda
MT11 Cinderella
Orange, Lime, Pineapple, grenadine, (nutrients - Vitamin B&C, Calcium, Potassium)
MT12 Shake coke
Coke, Lime, Pineapple
MT13 Minty crumble
Cucumber, Mint, Honey, Sprite
MT14 Virgin pine
Cocont milk, Banana, Pineapple, Honey
MT15 Corriander shake
Corriander leaves, Pineapple, Papaya
MT16 Jumping
Papaya, Mango, Cucumber, (nutrients-vitamin C, Calcium)


Code Item Price Rs
SM01 Creamy cooler
Watermelon, Papaya, Mango (nutrients-vitamin C&E,Calcium)
SM02 Eve’s Delight
Apple, Mango, (nutrients-vitamin C&E, Calcium, Ion)
SM03 Mango Zingo
Apple, Lemon, Mango, Ginger ,(nutrients-vitamin C&A, Calcium, Ion)



Code Item Price Rs
ST01 Fish Fingers with Tata Sauce 450
ST02 Chicken drumstick & French fries 620
ST03 Crumb Fish with French fries 620
ST04 Fried Sausage with French fries 360
ST05 French fries 280
ST06 Potato Wedges 340
ST07 Onion Rings 340
ST08 Crispy Fried Batter Prawns 560
ST09 Butter Cuttlefish 560


Code Item Price Rs(S) Price Rs(L)
SP01 Spicy Vegetable Soup 180 540
SP02 Tom Yam Soup Seafood
(A delicious spicy soup with assorted seafood)
260 850
SP02 Tom Yam Soup Chicken
(A delicious spicy soup with assorted Chicken)
240 790
SP03 Sweet Corn with crab Soup 320 900
SP03 Sweet Corn with Chicken 260 740
SP03 Sweet Corn with Vegetable 220 540
SP04 Galangul Soup 320 740
SP05 Cream of Mushroom & Spinach or Vegetable Soup 320 790
SP06 French Onion Soup 260 590
SP07 Cream of Chicken Soup 340 980


Code Item Price Rs
FJ11 Vegetable Courses
Boiled & buttered vegetables & buttered mushroom
FJ12 Chicken Courses
Grilled chicken with boiled vegetables
FJ13 Pork Courses 490
FJ14 Fish Courses
Grilled fish with boiled vegetables
FJ15 Grilled Chicken
Grilled chicken served with BBQ sauce & Chips


Code Item Price Rs
SA01 Thai Cuttlefish Salad
Cuttlefish tossed with herbs & lemon dressing
SA02 Mixed Salad
Refereshing shreds of carrot, cabbage, red cabbage, tomato and lettuce mixed with mayonnaise
SA03 Green Salad
Refereshing shreds of lettuce, succhini, green apples with mustard sauce
SA04 Egg & Onion Salad
Boiled 3 eggs & onion green chillie pepper
SA05 Spicy Carrot Salad
Carrot, green chillie, onion, pepper, with mayonise or curd
SA06 King Prawns with Japanese Salad
Steamed prawns with bean sprouts Lettuce in Chili sauce


Code Item Price Rs(S) Price Rs(L)
VB01 Boiled Vegetables
Boiled vegetable with stir fried butter
360 480
VB02 Kankung With Garlic
Stir fried kankung with garlic & dry chillie in a mid sauce
380 490
VB03 Mixed Vegetables with Mushroom &Baby corn
Assorted vegetables stir fried with mushrooms & baby corn in a mild sauce
420 580
VB04 Chop Suey
Assorted vegetables stir fried in a mild sauce
340 460
VB05 Hot Butter Mushrooms
Deep fried mushrooms in a crispy batter
360 460
VB06 Hot Butter Baby Corn
Deep fried baby corns in a crispy batter
550 690
VB07 Mushroom with Sinoyster Sauce
Deep fried muschrooms with oyster sauce
480 590
VB08 Spicy Potatoes
Fried potato wedges with spicy sauce
380 580
VB09 Battered Vegetables,br> Deep fried vegetables in crispy batter 390 490
VB10 Hot Batter Vegetables
Deep fried vegetables with chillie & butter
390 490
VB11 Young Corn 65
Special Batter fried young corn with lemon
580 720
VB12 Fried Kankun
Deep fried kankun in spices
380 490



Code Item Price Rs
BG01 Egg Burger 300
BG02 Vegetable with Cheese Burger 280
BG03 Devilled Chicken Burger 360
BG04 BBQ Chicken Burger 390
BG05 Double Cheesy Chicken 420
BG06 Fish crumb 390
BG07 King Meal Special Triple Layer Burger 390
Extra cheese 100


Code Item Price Rs
SM01 French Style Vegetable Submarine 440
SM02 Egg with Cheese Submarine 450
SM03 Hot Chille Meatball Submarine 550
SM04 Classic Devilled Chicken Submarine 490
SM05 Fresh Avocado with Roasted Chicken Submarine 580
SM06 Crispy Chicken Submarine 520
SM07 Black Pepper Chicken Submarine 550
SM08 King Meal Special Submarine 590
Extra cheese 100


Code Item Price Rs
SW01 Roast Chicken with Vegetable Sandwich 380
SW02 Ribbon Sandwich 420
SW03 Garlic Bread 350
SW04 Grilled chicken Club 420
SW05 Classic Tuna Sandwich 390
SW06 Egg and vegetable sandwich 320
Extra cheese 100

OMELET (3 Egg)

Code Item Price Rs
OL01 Bulls Eye 160
OL02 Plain Omelet 180
OL03 Sri Lankan Omelet 200
OL04 Fried Onion Omelet 200
OL05 Chicken Omelet 280
OL06 Cheese Omelet 290
OL07 Cheese Chicken Omelet 360
OL08 Prawn Omelet 340
OL09 Bacon & Sausage Omelet 380

SAUSAGES (12 Sauages)

Code Item Price
SG01 Fried Sausages
Deep fried sausages with onion rings
SG02 Spicy Sausages
Fried sausages with spicy sauce
SG03 Devilled Sausages
Fried sausages with tomato sauce
SG04 Sweet & sour Sausages
Fried sausages with sweet sauce

(Serving in Sizzling Plates)

Code Item Price Rs(M) Price Rs(L)
SCB Chicken with Black Bean Sauce
Deep fried chicken, combined with black bean sauce
770 1270
SPP Black Pepper Pork
Roasted pork with black pepper in a soya sauce
830 1380
SOF Pepper Fish
Roasted fish with black pepper in a soya sauce
830 1380
SPC Black Pepper Cuttlefish
Roasted cuttlefish with black pepper in a soya sauce
880 1400
SSP Sweet &Sour Sizzling Prawns
Deep fried prawns topping up with sweet & sour sauce
1100 1780
SMM Black Pepper mix meat Sizzler
Roasted chicken, fish, pork, cuttlefish, sausages, vegetable with black pepper in a soya sauce
890 1450

(Rice or Noodles Choice of Meat item/ Fried Kankung or hot batter mushroom/ Chillie Paste/ Egg)

Code Item Price Rs
STM01 Set Menu Chicken 380
STM02 Set Menu Pork 390
STM03 Set Menu Fish 390
STM04 Set Menu Prawns 420
STM05 Set Menu Egg 330
STM06 Set Menu Set vegetable 340
STM07 Set Menu Cuttlefish 420
STM08 Indonesian Style Nasi Goreng
Chicken 440
Seafood 490
STM09 KingMeal Special NasiGoreng
Chicken 430
Seafood 490
STM10 Two Meat Fried Rice Set Menu
(chicken/ pork/ fish) choice of two meats
STM11 Two Meat NasiGoreng Rice
(prawns/ Cuttlefish/ fish/ chicken) choice of two meats


Code Item Price Rs(S) Price Rs(M) Price Rs(L)
ND01 Mixed Fried Noodles
Fried noodles with a combination of sea food, chicken & pork
420 620 1140
ND02 Wok Fried Noodles
Stir fried noodles with vegetables & egg with a choice of
Vegetable 300 390 690
Chicken 360 520 880
Pork 400 590 890
Egg & Vegetable 320 440 660
Seafood 420 640 960
ND03 Singaporean Style Mee Hoon
Skinny noodles with prawns chicken and vegetables in a tantalizing gravy
490 690 1080
ND04 Mongolian Noodles
Noodles with assorted meat & seafood mixed with stir fried vegetables
640 690 1230
ND05 Mee Goreng
Spicy Noodles with prawns & chicken with a fried egg
400 690 1030
ND06 Meat Chow main with Choice of (pork/chicken)
Spicy noodles combined with vegetables & your choice of meat
450 690 1040
ND07 Singapore Fried Noodles
Skinny noodles with prawns chicken in a tantalizing gravy
430 690 1020
KN01 King Meal Special Noodles
Sri Lankan herbs and chicken
Chicken 380 590 870
KN02 Dragon Chop suey Noodles
Chicken or seafood with vegetables
480 690 1070
KN03 Vermicille Noodles chicken /seafood
Fried vermicelli with a combination of seafood, chicken & pork
670 720 1290
KN04 Barbigurang Noodles
Spicy yellow colour noodles, with prawns, chicken, fried egg
430 670 990

RICE (Basmathi Rice)

Code Item Price Rs(S) Price Rs(M) Price Rs(L)
KMS01 King Meal Special Rice
Sri Lankan Spices Used Fried Rice
Vegetable 340 480 750
Chicken 380 590 900
Seafood 440 690 1020
Egg 350 490 770
CSR Chop Suey Rice
Craemy vegetable chop suey fried rice with a combination of sea food & Chicken/ pork
460 660 1050
DCR Dragon Chopsuey Rice
Chinese Style Spicy Rice (vegetable/ chicken/ seafood/ pork)
480 660 1070
GRC Ginger Rice with chicken
Ginger infused rice stir fried with chicken
380 590 900
Wok Fried Rice
Stir fried rice with vegetables & egg choice of
WF1 Seafood 420 640 990
Chicken 340 540 810
Chicken & sausage 360 580 870
Vegetable & Egg 300 410 640
Chicken Bacon & Egg 390 570 890
TSR Tangy Seafood Rice
Rice with assorted seafood stir fried in our special tangy sauce
380 690 990
PR Pineapple Rice
Pineapple rice with cashew nuts carrots & sliced chicken
470 720 1120
STS Spicy Thai Seafood Rice
Assorted seafood in Thai style
440 690 1060
SR Steamed Rice
Premium basmathi rice
150 280 380
Spicy Chicken Rice
SC1 Vegetable 300 410 640
SC2 Egg &vegetables 320 440 690
SC3 Chicken 360 580 970
SC4 Seafood 440 660 1020
MFR Mixed Fried Rice
Fried rice with combination of seafood/ chicken/ pork/ Sausage
440 660 1020
Nasi Goreng (King Meal Style)
NGI1 Vegetable 340 540 740
NGI2 Egg 360 490 780
NGI3 Seafood 440 690 1060
NGI4 Chicken 390 590 920
Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Style)
Spicy rice with prawns & chicken severed with fried egg
NGIA Vegetable 360 560 760
NGIB Egg 380 510 800
NGIC Seafood 460 710 1080
NGIC Chicken 410 610 940
MR Mongolian Rice
Rice stir fried with assorted meat, seafood & vegetables
420 670 970
GR Garlic Rice
Garlic rice with spring onion sausages
440 690 1060

BIRIYANI (Egg, Maley pickle, Minchi Sambal, meat item)

Code Item Price Rs
B01 BBQ Chicken Biriyani 460
B02 BBQ Fish Biriyan 460
B03 Indian Style Roast Chicken Biriyani 420
B04 Indian Fried Fish Biriyani 440
B05 Pepper Mutton Biriyani 590


Code Item Price Rs(S) Price Rs(M) Price Rs(L)
Sri Lankan Style
KTS1 Vegetable Koththu 300 340 550
KTS2 Fried Egg Koththu 340 380 610
KTS3 Roast Chicken Koththu 380 470 740
KTS5 Black Pork Koththu 390 520 840
KTS4 Fried Fish Koththu 390 520 840
Indian Style
KTI1 Roast Chicken Masala Koththu 410 540 880
KTI2 Vegetable Koththu 370 470 770
KTI3 Fried Fish Masala Koththu 430 580 940
Chinese Style
KTC1 Grilled Chicken Koththu 380 520 830
KTC2 Garlic & pepper Fish Koththu 400 540 870
Cheese Koththu
KTCE1 Cheesy BBQ Chicken Koththu 460 620 1110
KTCE1 Sri Lankan Style Sea Food Koththu 470 640 1050
KTCE1 Roast Chicken Koththu 420 590 940


Code Item Price Rs
SP01 Italian Style Cheesy Spaghetti(chicken/seafood)
Creamy cheesy combined with vegetable and your choice of meat
SP02 Spaghetti &Meatballs Italian Style
Spicy spaghetti combined with vegetables, meatballs & Cream cheese
SP03 Creamy Spaghetti with white Sauce 680


Code Item Price Rs(M) Price Rs(L)
Italian Pasta
P01 Egg 400 700
P02 Vegetable 380 660
P03 Pork 480 860
P04 Chicken 460 820
P05 Seafood 490 880


Code item Price Rs(S) Price Rs(M)
F01 Singapore Chilie Fish
Light batter fried fish with spring onions, Chilie sauce and egg
540 640
F02 Thai style fish
Light batter fried fish with a thai touch served in coconut cream with kaffir laves
580 720
F03 Sweet & sour Fish
Batter fried fish with a sweet & sour sauce
520 630
F04 Hot Batter Fish
Deep fried fish stripes with bell pepper in chillie oil
560 620
F05 Classic Devilled Fish
Fried fish with chillie and tomato sauce
520 620
F06 Pepper Fish
Rousted fish in a black pepper soya sauces
520 620
F07 Hot Garlic Fish
Pan Fried sliced fish in a hot garlic sauce
540 640
F08 Deep Fried Fish with Onion Salad
Deep fried fish slices served with a tangy onion sauce
490 590
F09 Black Pepper Fish
Roasted fish with black pepper in a soya sauce
510 630
F10 Batter Fish
Batter coated with cut chille lime
520 640
F11 Thai Red Curry Fish
Boiled fish with red curry paste
560 670
F12 Fish with Green Curry
Fried fish with green chillie sauce
560 670
F13 Batter fish Deviled
Deep fried butter fish with chillie sauce
540 660
F14 Griiled Fish
Fried fish with BBQ sauce
520 640
F15 Fried Garoupa fish
Deep fried Garoupa fish
490 590
F16 Boiled Garoupa fish
with lime & ginger sauce
490 590
F17 Fish stew
Steamed fish with Sri Lankan spices
520 620


Code Item Price Rs(S) Price Rs(M)
CF01 Spicy Cuttlefish
Stir fried cuttlefish in hot spicy sauce
470 590
CF02 Devilled Cuttlefish
Tempered cuttlefish with chillie & tomato sauce
490 590
CF03 Batter Cuttlefish
Deep Fried cuttlefish with onion rings & lime
470 590
CF04 Hot Batter Cuttlefish
Deep fried battered cuttlefish with bell pepper in chillie oil
490 590
CF05 Kang kung Cuttlefish
Stir fried cuttlefish & kangkung in a garlic infused soya sauce
520 640
CF06 Five Spice Cuttlefish
Batterfried cuttlefish with white sauce
520 640
CF07 Cuttlefish with Green Chillies
Deep fried cuttlefish with fried onion & green chillies
540 660
CF08 Black Pepper Cuttlefish
Roasted cuttlefish with black pepper soya sauce
540 660
CF09 Sizziling BBQ Cuttlefish
Fried cuttlefish with BBQ sauce
560 690
CF10 Pepper Cuttlefish with Onion & Bell pepper 540 660
CF11 Yam yam Cuttlefish
Fried cuttlefish & onion, shrimp, fish sauce, soya
560 690


Code Item Price Rs(S) Price Rs(M)
P01 Prawns in Red Chillie &Garlic Sauce
Stir fried prawns with garlic chillie,tomato & oyster sauce
560 670
P02 Spicy Prawns
Stir fried prawns in spicy sauce
530 640
P03 Thai Chillie Prawns
Deep fried prawns in a hot/sweet thai sauce
580 690
P04 Hot Garlic Prawns
Stir fried prawns in hot garlic sauce
560 670
P05 Sweet & Sour Prawns
Batter fried prawns with a sweet & sour sauce
560 670
P06 Hot Batter Prawns
Deep fried prawns with bell pepper in a chillie oil
560 670
P07 Indonesian Prawns
Prawns in an Indonesian style mild & sweet creamy curry
580 690
P08 Kangkung Prawns
Stir fried prawns & kangkung in garlic infused soya sauce
580 690
P09 Prawns with White Garlic Sauce
Stir fried prawns with white garlic sauce
570 670
P10 Black Pepper Prawns
Roasted prawns with black pepper soya sauce
560 680
P11 Sinagapore Chillie Prawns
Light butter fried prawns with spring onion chille sauce and egg
580 690
P12 Batter Prawns
Batter coated & deep fried marinated prawns
540 640
P13 Prawns Stew
Boiled prawns with Sri Lankan Spices
540 640
P14 Classic Devilled Prawns
Fried prawns with devilled sauce
560 670


Code Item Price Rs(S) Price Rs(M)
CR01 Chillie Crab (Sinagappore style) 520 720
CR02 Fried Crab in Ginger & Garlic Sauce 540 760
CR03 Sri Lankan Crab Curry 520 720
CR04 Pepper Crab 520 720
CR05 Jaffna Style Crab Curry 560 770


Code Item Price Rs(S) Price Rs(M)
C01 Wrap Chicken
Chicken wrapped with Rampe leaves & toasted
520 640
C02 Chicken 65
Special Battered Deep fried chicken with lime
490 620
C03 Spicy chicken
Sliced chicken in spicy sauce
490 620
C04 Classic Style Devilled Chicken
Fried chicken with chille & tomato sauce
470 570
C05 Dry Red Chillie Chicken
Chicken with dry chille & celery
470 580
C06 Diced Chicken with hot Tomato
Diced chicken & cashew nuts in & oyster sauce
590 720
C07 Lemon Chicken
Deep fried chicken in orange lemon sauce
490 590
C08 Sweet & Sour Chicken
Batter fried chicken in sweet & sour sauce
470 570
C09 Hot Garlic Chicken
Pan fried sliced chicken in a hot garlic sauce
470 580
C10 Hot Butter Chicken
Deep fried chicken strips with bell pepper in chillie oil
470 580
C11 Chille Chicken with Cashew nuts
Chicken in a spicy thick sauce with carrots red chillies & roasted cashew nuts
580 720
C12 Pepper Chicken
Roasted chicken in a black pepper soya sauce
460 580
C13 Indonesian Chicken
Chicken in a creamy gravy with bursting flavors of coconut, galangala and chillie
580 680
C14 Kangkung Chicken
Stir fried chicken & kangkung in Garlic infused soya sauce
440 560
C15 Chicken Stew
Boiled chicken with spices
450 560
C16 Chicken Drumsticks
Butter fried drumsticks with hot garlic sauce
490 690
C17 Fried Chicken with Onion Salads
Deep fried chicken strips served with a tangy onion sauce
440 540
C18 Batter fried Devilled Chicken
Battered Deep fried chicken with devilled sauce
450 560
C19 Batter Fried Chicken
Battered Deep fried chicken with onion rings
440 540
C20 Green Curry Chicken
Boiled chicken with green curry paste
460 580
C21 Classic Fried Chicken
Deep fried chicken with onion & cut chillie
440 540
C22 Chicken Masala
Roasted chicken pieces in egg, vegetable spices
440 590
C23 Sri Lankan dry spicy chicken
Deep fried chicken in Sri Lankan Spices
480 590
C24 Crispy Chicken With Ginger and orange
Fried chili chicken with orange,ginger and Honey
580 720
C25 Kung Pao Chicken
Pan fried chicken with oyster sauce,soya sauce and sesame
540 680


Code Item Price Rs(S) Price Rs(M)
PK01 Devilled Pork
Stir Fried pork in a spicy sauce
440 540
PK02 Kang kung Pork
Stir Fried pork &kang kung in garlic infused soya sauce
480 570
PK03 Sweet & Sour Pork
Batter fried pork in sweet & sour sauce
460 560
PK04 Fried Pork
Deep fried pork combined with pumpkin sauce
420 520
PK05 Pork Bistu
Deep fried pork with oyster sauce
440 540
PK06 Hot Butter Pork
Deep fried pork strips with bell pepper in chille oil
440 540
PK07 Pepper Pork
Roasted pork in a black pepper soya sauce
460 550
PK08 Black Pepper Pork
Fried pork with black pepper&oyster sauce
490 590
PK09 Classic Fried Devilled Pork
Coating the butter, lime & cut chillie
460 560
PK10 Black pork curry
Pork with Sri Lankan spices
420 520


Code Item Price Rs
TK01 Fried Turkey with Kangkung 790
TK02 Chinese Style Devilled Turkey 740
TK03 Chillie Turkey 720
TK04 Devilled Turkey with Cashew nuts 870
TK06 Turkey Stew 740
TK06 Chillie Turkey 740
TK07 Turkey Curry 740


Code Item Price Rs(S) Price Rs(M)
M01 Mutton curry 690 940
M02 Mutton Stew 690 940


Code Item Price Rs
DS01 Fresh Fruit Salad 180
DS02 Fresh Fruit Salad with Ice cream 200
DS03 Cream Caramel 200
DS04 Watalappan 200

Code Item Price Rs
DS05 Fresh Fruit Plate 350
DS06 Curd with Treacle 200
DS07 Jelly Custard 180
DS08 Fruit Ripple 180
DS09 Custard Pudding 200